Official Shirt Sponsor

MKK Sports developed the kit specifically for the Bears in both design and fabric. The design is a modern classic that brings style to T20 cricket.

" We hope it will help us feel our best when stepping onto the pitch"

Dougie Brown, Bears Director of Cricket

The kit uses the latest technical fabric developed, the fit and cut of shirt in conjunction with the fabric enhances performance through working and enhancing your bio mechanics and providing compression and muscle warmth with use of advanced wicking structure within the fabric.

The new T20 kit was designed in conjunction with the Bears and other staff members, supported very much by our kit sponsors to ensure the design was both striking on the pitch, but also a shirt our fans could enjoy wearing at home or in the stands at Edgbaston.

Dougie Brown, Director of Cricket said, “The new MKK training kit, is both classic and innovative. Keeping a clean look to the kit not only makes the team look smart, and uniform but also make the product really wearable for both members and fans. The high wicking properties mean that players are more comfortable when training which they can do for hours at a time. Our T20 kit has a lot of high performance technical properties, which we hope will help us feel our best when stepping onto the pitch. That assurance in your kit can be a great help to a player’s over all confidence. We hope the fans like the kit as much as we do and we hope to see lots of fans supporting us at Edgbaston and other grounds in the kit.”