The man keeping count

Mel has been playing cricket since childhood and he has carried this on throughout his military and civilian careers. He took up umpiring and scoring whilst he was still serving in the Army, taking and passing all the available umpire and scoring examinations.

Mel was fortunate enough to be a part of the County Second XI umpires panel for some 24 years, additionally he also had a couple of seasons as a Minor Counties Umpire. After a brief illness, Mel decided to concentrate on developing his skills as a scorer and became a club scorer in the Northamptonshire Premier League. He became a scorer instructor/tutor and over the years he has taught many scorers in both the traditional and electronic formats.  After several seasons as a club scorer Mel was offered the chance to become a member of the scorers panel for the ECB Elite Player development programme, scoring multi-day cricket at Under 15, Under 17 and Under 19 levels.

It was whilst Mel was scoring an England Under 19s match in 2012 –there was no play owing to rain – and he was internet-searching cricket web sites and saw an vacancy advertisement for Birmingham Bears scorer. Mel applied and was selected for interview and since then we have never looked back.

As well as scoring every Birmingham Bears match, Mel also compiles detailed statistics to the coaching team; and records so that when players reach ‘milestones’ he can announce these so that all spectators are made aware of them. Mel also provide detailed data to the coaching team, batting, bowling, fielding, results etc. etc. In addition, whenever England play at Edgbaston, or other internationals are played there, Mel is the “home” scorer.