Quintic specialises in Premier Sports Biomechanics Video Analysis Software. This allows the Bears to analyse their performance and decipher which aspects of their performance each of them need to build upon or improved.

" Quintic is a fantastic resource for the BearsĀ "

Stuart Key, Performance Analyst

The Quintic system is used on a regular basis by the professional coaching team to ensure the players are at the top of their game and always improving for each opponent they face. The Bears and their team use the Quintic system for a number of things including improving form, monitoring bowling action and reducing the risk of injury. The Quintic systems installed at the Stadium allows the Bears to review their bowling or batting action, see any inconsistencies and improve them before they become a more series issue.

Stuart Key, Performance Analyst said, "Quintic is a fantastic resource for the Bears. Having access to six high-speed synchronised cameras allows us to comprehensively analyse and monitor a range of biomechanical and technical factors for batting, bowling and fielding.Quintic is an easy to use system that helps to identify and measure any issues relating to injury prevention and performance".

For more information on how you could get a Quintic system for your local club please visit www.quintic.comĀ